Blood Drive drives students to donate


Students had the opportunity to donate blood at two separate blood drives took place at OHS last Friday (March 3) and Monday (March 6).

The blood drives were organized by Student Council and Leadership, and the blood was donated through the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

“When you sign up to give blood you have to go through registration,” Shayla Hrncic (12) said. “Then you answer a list of questions to make sure that you are eligible to donate blood.”

Though most students who sign up are able to donate blood, some are not allowed to because of different medical reasons such as iron levels, temperature, and weight.

“I donated first semester,” Sierra Uko (11) said, “and was told I could not donate this semester due to a ‘fever’.”
However, the students that are able to donate blood are saving people’s lives as said by Hrncic.

“I think that students don’t realize how much of an impact that giving blood has on the lives of others,” Hrncic said. “It is something that you are able to donate without having to spend money. It is completely cost less, and you can really make a difference.”