Paint your parking spot picks up new tradition


tiger paw

Courtney Doerr (12), who helped start the event, paints her parking spot.

Two students who drive to school had an idea. Courtney Doerr (12) and Isabella Dickneite (11) spoke to the new principal, Ms. Tamara Sunkett, about having a day where students could paint their parking space. 

To get this approved we first had to come up with a plan before even meeting with (assistant principal) Mr. Brennan,” said Dickneite. “After our first meeting with him he had questions we needed to find answers to. After we had answers, we got to meet with Ms. Sunkett to pitch our idea to her with as much information as possible.”

Ms. Sunkett approved their idea. And so, on Oct. 5, students had the opportunity for the first time ever at OHS to paint their parking space.

Students had to come up with a sketch of what their spot would look like and turn it into Ms. Sunkett (in the office) by Oct. 2. All sketches had to be approved before they were created. The personalized parking space cost $20 and students had to provide their own paint. The paint that was needed was water based exterior latex or construction grade flat paint. 

“We saw other people getting to do it on social media and we thought that it would be something fun to do at our school where students can express themselves creatively,” said Doerr. 

A total of 38 students participated in the Painting Your Parking Space event. Students came up with many different ideas. Some students painted sunflowers on their spots; other students painted an American flag on their spot. Other designs on the parking spots included phrases, palm-trees with beach designs, graphic designs, and many more.

“I liked that I got to spend the day with my friends and got to use my artistic abilities,” said Sarah Goodson (12).

Students will get another chance to paint their parking spot on Oct. 27 starting at 9 a.m. Food trucks will be set up.