Hockey deserves attention, even in a baseball town

In St. Louis, it is nearly inevitable to avoid talk of baseball or the Cardinals. Albert Pujols leaving for Los Angeles was the top story for weeks and talk of spring training consumed the news before it began. All of this is fine as it is baseball season, but the reality of it is that it is still hockey season.

The Blues are having one of their best seasons in recent years. They are in first place in their division and the entire NHL with 98 points, three more points than the Eastern Conference leading New York Rangers, who have 95 points. The outlook for them going to playoffs is extremely good and even winning the President’s Trophy, but St. Louis still seems overly fixated on the Cardinals.

If I am watching a hockey game on television, I want the broadcasters to discuss hockey. Between periods, the broadcasters should be reviewing highlights, interviewing players and discussing what other NHL teams are doing. I understand that games shown on FSMidwest might require broadcasters to discuss baseball, as they show almost all of the Cardinals games. However, there is no reason to excessively discuss spring training between periods or even during the game as commentary.

Media ignorance of Blues does not restrict itself to favoring baseball and the Cardinals. Although the Rams are obviously not a winning team, they still tend to be the lead story on the news and in the paper. The Blues tend to be one of the last stories covered and are lucky to make the third or fourth page.

It is about time that St. Louis realizes that there is more than one important sports team in this city. There is absolutely no reason to wear Cardinals jerseys to a hockey game when it is only spring training in March. Cardinals will always be number one in most people’s hearts, but obsessing over it in the media in January and February seems a little extreme to me.