After the Dark, an apocalypse movie worth checking out

Apocalypse movies always seem like the same idea–the world ends, there is a mission to save earth using lots of cool technology. But, every once in a while, there is an end-of-the-world movie that is different from the rest. After the Dark is one of those movies. Though the movie never hit theatres, it is certainly one of the most thought-provoking apocalypse movie I have even seen.

After the Dark, starring Sofia Lowe, Rhys Wakefield, James D’arcy, and Bonnie Wright, is a movie about a group of twenty philosophy students who conduct a thought experiment on the last day of the school year. They learn the experiment is one that is based on a nuclear apocalypse. They all choose cards which contain their job on them. Based solely on their jobs, the students have to choose ten people to be in the bunker in which they will live a year in until it is safe to go outside. The students have very hard decisions as to who to let into the bunker and who to leave out.

This movie makes you think about the different possibilities. With three integrations and additional information provided on the card, you develop a personal opinion on who you would let into this safehaven bunker. Director John Huddles definitely does not lack creativity on this film, as every scene keeps you guessing on what will happen next. There are many twists in the film that keep you on the edge of your seat. Though there are many young actors in the film, the acting from them is phenomenal. For those of you looking for something a little different, this movie is definitely worth the watch.

After the Dark is now on On Demand on Xfinity, AT&T, DirectTV, Dish, Time Warner, and iTunes.