The mystery sno cone stand in Garvey’s lot is now open and it’s called Shivers! I’ve only been there once, but that one visit was enough for me to give them two thumbs up!

The owners are very friendly, and the sno cones were awesome. The ice was nice and shaved, no big clumps, and there was plenty of juice! Not only are they good, but they’re cheap too! A small is $2, a medium is $2.50, and a large is $3.

The stand was previously located off of Gravios, but the owners didn’t know if there would be enough space for them there this summer. They noticed that Sno Biz was not here anymore, and decided to try this location out!

Shivers doesn’t only sell sno cones, they also have some deep fried foods like oreos, pretzels, twinkes, and funnel cakes!

If you haven’t been here yet you need to go check it out! You won’t be disappointed!


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