Arconati leads team to success

Arconati leads team to success

Arconati Attack: Brooke Arconati (10) moves the ball up field in a field hockey game.

The 2011 girls field hockey teamhad a growing bond all season, ending their season with a 7-11 record.  Every player contributed and gave it their all, but one player in particular stood out from the crowd.

Brooke Arconati may only be a sophomore, but there is no doubt that she had a big impact on the team.  She has been playing field hockey for two years now, and played forward this season for varsity and a few games with JV. With a total of seven goals, Arconati led the team..

“My personal goal for the team was to be a good leader and stay positive on and off the field,” Arconati said.

Despite the few losses during the season, Arconati still gave it her all on the field.

“What pushes me would deffinitely be my coaches,” she said. “ I appreciate all they have done for our team.”

Arconati was happy to see the team improve on and off the field.

“What I like the most about the team is all the girls and coaches,” Arconati said. “We are all family.”

Altogether, Arconati’s great attitude and skill for the team made her a player many people can look up to.  She had a big impact on all of her teammates.

“She is a great player,” Captain Morgan Glover(12) said.”She always gives 110 percent and never gives up!”

The Tigers ended their season last night, losing 9-0 to Ursiline.