Will the Tigers preparations pay off?

Will the Tigers preparations pay off?

Morris LaGrand(12) scored 3 touchdowns at the jamboree on Friday Aug. 17. He is expected to be one of our key players

Coming into the 2012 season the Tigers have high expectations. After a 5-6 record in 2011 Coach Arlee Conners made changes to his workout programs, staff, and leaders, and after seeing the Tigers’ progress at the Jamboree last Friday (Aug. 17) it looks like his changes have paid off.

Morris LaGrand(12) scored all three of the Tigers’ touchdowns at the jamboree. He along with Andy Oliver(11) and Derrick Brown(12) are key returning offensive players, and Jimmy Broderick(12), Ben Howard(12), and Isaac Dozier(11) are key defensive returners.

“The seniors this year have more of a leadership role than last year; the entire team also has more commitment,” Conners said.

New Coaches Jameson Allen, Jim Broderick, Lamont Brown, Scott Gerling, Dan Holak, Brad Loomis, and Dwayne Pickens all have substantial roles in practices, games and workouts. Conners’ off season workout program built commitment in the players along with increasing their playing ability.

The ultimate proof of the Tigers’ offseason training will begin this Friday (Aug. 24) with the first home and senior night game against Marquette. The scheduled start time is 7 p.m.