Water Polo defeats Lindbergh in districts

Water Polo defeats Lindbergh in districts

Preston Donjon (12) takes a shot against Parkway North.

The OHS water polo players geared up to face the Lindbergh flyers in their first game of districts Saturday, May 4. The Tigers and Flyers have gone against each other three other times this season, all ending in victory for the Flyers.


In the first quarter, Denis Galic (12) and the rest of the team worked together to get a good 5-2 lead over the Flyers. The goalie, Adam Roland (11) had many great saves that protected their lead. With more goals from Galic and Preston Donjon (12), the tigers moved the scored up 7-5. When the third quarter was ending, the tigers kept fighting to stop the Flyers. However at the very end of the quarter, the Flyers had a lead over the Tigers, 9-7.


When the fourth quarter rolled around, the Tigers were staying positive and working hard to finish on top. With just under three minutes to go, Head Coach Dan Schoenfeldt gave a very motivating talk to all boys. When they got back out in the water, they scored two goals to tie the game. Less than a minute now, all the fans were waiting and excited to see if the Tigers could go. With a pass from Brian Woods (12), Dillon Werner (12) scored the final, game winning goal.


“I know all the seniors enjoyed the win. We haven’t beat Lindbergh since the senior’s sophomores year. It couldn’t have come at a better time,” Schoenfeldt said at the end of the game.

The Oakville players will be in the water to face SLUH, the number one seed in the state.