Hockey Fans: the extra player on the ice


In the past two seasons the number of fans attending OHS Hockey games has increased significantly. It has become one of the most popular things to do during the wintertime. Last season they even made a new club for the fans to join called Tiger Ice.

One of things that Oakville fans are most known for are their passion and dedication to the team, but some people say it may be too much. The fans tend to use profanity and are very aggressive. They can be described as “too rowdy”.

Some people find it embarrassing that the fans act this way, but others have a different opinion. OHS’s varsity goalie, Blake Chapman(12), said, “The fans bring a great atmosphere which brings energy for the team. They’re like an extra player out there”.

Most fans feel the same way about their actions. Dedicated fan Jack Garavaglia(12) said, “We’re rowdy because we love the boys. We want them to feed off how loud we are and get excited and pumped to see us all there”.

Some fans and opponents may not like the way OHS’s crowd acts, but it seems that their energy and presence is a very important part of OHS Hockey, and will continue to be despite of other’s opinions.