Teachers and students will face off in basketball game for cancer research

Usually teachers and students work together towards a common goal: learning new concepts and being able to communicate them. On Jan. 14, teachers and students will go against each other in a competition for a cause.

The Student vs. Faculty basketball game will be on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Any student is allowed to sign up; students must sign up in Coach Traxler’s room (room 211) by noon on Jan. 14.

Some teachers who were outstanding athletes as OHS students are on the faculty team. Girls varsity basketball coach Laura Bishop played basketball as an OHS student, as did freshman girls basketball coach Maggie Zehner. Other OHS coaches, including head football coach Arlee Conners and baseball and softball coach Rich Sturm, will also be participating.

“I expect it to be competitive, and an opportunity for the students to see the high flying dunkfest that the faculty will be bringing,” boys varsity basketball coach Nick Traxler said.

Thirteen teachers have agreed to participate, although more teachers are still allowed to sign up. Fifteen students will be chosen randomly from the students who volunteered to participate. Students are encouraged to attend; it does not cost money, but donations will benefit cancer research.

“I expect that we will have a fun group of faculty and staff playing basketball against an equally hyped up group of students,” Traxler concluded.