New programs feed into Golden Girls


Ashley Arconati

The Golden Girls pose after performing in the fall pep assembly.

The Golden Girls are in the midst of a dance revolution.

The Tigers’ successful dance team is implementing two new programs for next year: Junior Goldens and a junior varsity team. Jr. Goldens is a feeder team for middle schoolers, similar to the Jr. Tigers cheerleading program in the middle schools.

“We had pretty low tryout numbers this year,” Abby Metz (11), next year’s captain, said. “The more we can expose the girls to dance team [will] hopefully increase our numbers.”

The Golden Girls varsity team will be coaching the Jr. Goldens team, which will practice weekly during the summer and school year. The team hopes there will be enough Jr. Golden dancers to have two teams, one for 5-6th grade and one for 7-8th. The middle school teams will perform at a competition in the winter.

“I’m so excited,” Metz said. “It’ll be so fun.”

Next year half of the varsity Golden Girls team will be seniors, so the junior varsity team will help make a smooth transition after the seniors graduate. The JV team will perform at JV sporting events and dance at regional competitions, but will not attend nationals with the varsity team.

“It prepares them to take our spot on varsity,” Kristine Pickens (11), one of next year’s co-captains, said. “It’s a good learning experience.”

There will be six dancers on the JV Golden Girls team next year. The team will be coached by Brittany Janis.

“I think it’s necessary to encourage involvement,” Golden Girls varsity coach Tiffany Aboussie said. “It gets more kids involved when you open up the lower level squads.”