Fundraiser culminates in girls soccer win over Lindbergh


OHS teachers Mrs. Jackie Neeley and Mr. Matt Schraut are shown with their families. Varsity soccer and baseball teamed up with Lindbergh to raise money for PKS and Down’s Syndrome research in honor of Neeley and Schraut’s sons.

In their highly anticipated game, the OHS girls soccer team took on Lindbergh on the home field on May 5 and managed to come out victorious–both in the efforts to win the game and their attempt to raise money for two OHS teachers.

Despite a shaky season, OHS pulled ahead in the first half of the game with a goal by newcomer Ashley Guardado (9). Later in the second half, Chelsea Morris (10) headed a ball into the net and left the crowd in a frenzy. The final score was 2-0, a well-deserved win for the Tigers.

“I think we deserved the win,” said goaltender Emily Jackson (10).

As for their fundraising, the girls had been working all week to raise money for the children of two OHS teachers. Mr. Schraut’s son with Down’s Syndrome and Mrs. Neeley’s son with Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS) both attended the game; the girls (in cooperation with the boys varsity baseball team) sold T-shirts and admission tickets and washed cars. The money raised will be going to PKS and Down’s Syndrome organizations.

“It was cool seeing them,” said captain Alyssa Norberg (12). “Obviously I’m glad we did this.”

The Tigers are now 6-10 after a 5-0 win over Lindbergh for their senior night. OHS will play against Seckman at 5:00 p.m. tonight (May 11).