Boys track season preview


Katie Counts

Nick Durham (12) participates in the hurdles on April 27 at Parkway South.

After years of decreasing participations, boys track is a little more optimistic this year now that there has been a bump in numbers.

In the 2012, the program had around 62 participants. And recently last year (2016) there were only 25 participants. This season numbers grew.

“I definitely wish we had better numbers. There are plenty of students that could participate who are not involved with anything else. I think students feel like track is a lot of running and no fun. They need to know that track is more than just a lot of running,” Coach Arlee Conners said. “There is jumping, throwing, and hurdling events. It is fun to be with teammates and compete against other schools.”

Last year Nick Durham (12), who is seen as a leader, experienced being put in events he was not used to just to fill space, and not being able to focus on his individual events.

With hope that experience will not happen again, Durham seems optimistic about his last season.

“Having many personalities to the table has made this year really fun; this year there is a different atmosphere around us,” Durham said. “No one is really segregated into their own little groups, everyone talks to one another and it’s really fun being around each other while training. I’m looking forward to this year!”

Girls track is also in good shape this year as well. Coach David Brechin expects the group of girls to do well and show great improvement.

“I want them all to do their personal best. They all have the ability to go far but it will be up to them to put in their best effort day in and out to put them in the best position to go as far as they can this year,” Brechin said.