Girls golf grows in size


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Kayla Landford (9) swings her club toward the ball at practice on Aug. 28.

The OHS girls varsity golf team has shot up in numbers.

This year the girls team has gained five new players, some of whom have never picked up a club before. After barely having enough players last year, the golf team now has three to spare.

“I heard that one of my friends was going to try out,” said Maddy Hayden (11). “So I thought that I would too! What I like about it is that the practices are not that intense and they are also fun.”

One of the newest members to the team, Kayla Lankford (9), has played no other sport but golf. “I like playing golf because it is a peaceful sport,” Lankford said.

The girls have won two of their five matches (as of Sept. 11) and said that they have been enjoying playing this year so far. Another new player, Alexis Perulfi (10), said that they, as a team, hope to succeed more in upcoming matches.

Not only did the golf team get more members, but they have also received some new uniforms. They now wear a new white uniform shirt along with a grey rain jacket.

The girls said that they were happy to get the rain jackets. Some of the previous golf girls said they needed them because last season was cold and wet. They are also excited to show them off by wearing them around the school.