Football introduces new offseason workouts


Jojo LaBrier Photo

Players of the football team lift weights as part of their new intensive workouts.

It’s no secret that the OHS varsity football team had a rough season that ended with a record of 1-9. However, the football coaches have developed a plan to change that for next season

The OHS football program is developing winter workouts to prepare for next season. The workouts started after the end of Thanksgiving break and plan to continue until spring finals. Starting March 5 the coaches will introduce Coach Matthew Maier, a personal trainer, to take over. The boys plan to work out 4 days a week from 2:20-4 p.m. in the multipurpose room. Maier’s main focus is to build core strength, balance, flexibility, and speed.  

“I’m looking forward to getting started,” said Maier. “I’m excited to see how this will affect next year.”

Coach Jeffrey White, the newest football coach at OHS, will help alongside Coach Arlee Conners, and Coach Maier. White says it’s no secret that the teams that practice more have a bigger advantage come the start of the season.

“Our athletes who regularly attend after school workouts should expect their overall strength, speed, and explosiveness as an athlete to increase drastically,” said White.

Returning player Marlon Bailey (10) says he has been enjoying the workouts. “The workouts are great, they really help me progress in ways working out by myself can’t” he said.

On average, 20 boys show up each day, and the coaches  have even seen up to 30. “I am happy with the direction the program is trending,” White said. “Our athletes are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. I only expect the gains to continue as we add more expertise and intensity.”