This pandemic is a nightmare for all sports fans


Staff Photo

Camera zooms in on hometown hero, Pat Maroon, during Game 4 against the San Jose Sharks, during the 2018-2019 Western Conference Finals.

On March 23, the Coronavirus outbreak hit St. Louis County, putting everyone in quarantine and taking some of the most important aspects of our life away, like sports.

Ever since the middle of March major sports organizations like the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association have postponed the rest of their season, and organizations like Major League Baseball  barely got as far as spring training. Now, for a die hard hockey and baseball fan and supporting the Blues and Cardinals all my life, what am I supposed to watch? I mean you can only watch Game 7 so many times… (that’s a lie, it never gets old) but still! 

Sports have a way of bringing people together. There is no better feeling than watching the team you love come from behind, or witnessing a game winning goal, or basses loaded, two outs and your team hits a walk off home run. There is no better feeling than watching the sports you love, so quite frankly, for all the sports fans out there, this pandemic is a nightmare. 

However, despite the lack of sports, the news is not all bad. The NHL is playing reruns of any game through the NHL app, and the NHL network is playing the final series of the 2018-2019 Stanley Cup run. Fox Sports Midwest is also streaming Cardinals and Blues games, so any fan that is trying to cope with no sports can watch reruns. 

Also, professional sports are not completely cancelled, they are just postponed, so organizations like the NHL hope to begin their playoff run sometime this summer, maybe in late July or early August, so if that is the case all of the die hard hockey fans will finally have something to look forward to. But, in the meantime, to make the days a little easier,  you can go outside, throw a football, or a baseball, maybe even go for a run, or my personal favorite — rewatch Game 7.