Tips to take on finals

Christina Meier, Editor-in-Chief

November 15, 2017

Although winter break is right around the corner, we OHS students still have one major barrier to get over until we are free for first semester: finals. Finals often bring a lot of extra stress for students. On top of taking tests in every single class, these tests count for a higher percent of our...

Single and proud

Single and proud

A, Advice Columnist

January 17, 2014

Alright ladies it is about that time to start counting down to the most miserable day of the year to be single. Valentines Day. I think this year we should take each week by stride and be PROUD to be single. There are five weeks until the dreaded Valentines day so I will be giving you five tips on how ...

Get out, get involved

A, Advice Columnist

December 2, 2013

Ever since students have gotten privileges, joining clubs and being involved has been more common amongst our student body. For some of us, getting involved is more difficult than for others and finding an activity that you actually enjoy can be a struggle. Before you start your search for any club, you...

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