Single and proud

Alright ladies it is about that time to start counting down to the most miserable day of the year to be single. Valentines Day. I think this year we should take each week by stride and be PROUD to be single. There are five weeks until the dreaded Valentines day so I will be giving you five tips on how to stay happy while being single.

Being in a lovely dovey relationship might seem like all rainbows and flowers but like they say every rose has its thorn. They might look like a dream come true, but what you don’t see are the fights and bickering behind the scenes. Sure you may spend Valentine’s Day eating ice cream and crying over the Notebook, but look on the bright side-at least you aren’t crying over a breakup!

When you are in a relationship you have to consider that person in almost everything you do. Who you talk to, where you go…it all could lead to a potential fight. When you are single you are free to enjoy your freedom! If you want to go to that party, you go to that party! There is no need to worry about pleasing someone else.

It feels good to be able to run free without any obligations or responsibility to talk to someone constantly. Us women need to start taking advantage of all the possibilities to meet new people and experience new things.

You don’t need a relationship to be happy. You have your whole life ahead of you for relationships so enjoy being single for now! So this weekend grab your crazy single friend (cause we all have one) and have a girls night out and be proud to be single.