Let the search for summer jobs begin

A, Advice Columnist May 5, 2014

As school comes to an end and summer begins the job hunt is on the rise. Finding a job during the school year is tough enough, now that summer is here all the colleges kids are moving back home, and...

… and the countdown begins

A, Advice Columnist February 6, 2014

Two full weeks left until cupid hits! My word to the wise this week is to take time for you! Being single is only opportunity to focus on yourself. If I have learned anything in the 18 years I have spent...

Distracting Yourself

Redirecting your attention
A, Advice Columnist January 27, 2014

The beginning of February is right around the corner and everyone knows that there are two important aspects of this month: the cold weather and Valentines day. The next three weeks are going to be long...

Dealing with the Green Eyed Monster

A, Advice Columnist January 24, 2014

One month and counting! I hope last weekend you let your hair down and had some fun with your friends. These past couple of weeks my twitter feed has been blowing up with lovey dovey tweets. Now being...

Single and proud

Single and proud

A, Advice Columnist January 17, 2014

Alright ladies it is about that time to start counting down to the most miserable day of the year to be single. Valentines Day. I think this year we should take each week by stride and be PROUD to be single....

Finals are Finally Here…Now What?

A, Advice Columnist December 16, 2013

It is that time of the year again! As the temperature starts to drop the struggle to get grades up begins to rise. Everyone at OHS is dreading this week: finals. If you are a returning Oakville student...

Get out, get involved

A, Advice Columnist December 2, 2013

Ever since students have gotten privileges, joining clubs and being involved has been more common amongst our student body. For some of us, getting involved is more difficult than for others and finding...

Finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift

November 22, 2013

It is that time of the year again! Black Friday is right around the corner and the time is dwindling down to get Christmas presents for your loved ones.For many of us students, we are all finally getting...

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