Distracting Yourself

Redirecting your attention

The beginning of February is right around the corner and everyone knows that there are two important aspects of this month: the cold weather and Valentines day. The next three weeks are going to be long and boring. What we single women do when we are sitting around bored? We think about everything, especially about how single we are.

The tip for this week is to help preoccupy ourselves during boring weekends. Step outside of your box and start something new, try a hobby. If you can redirect your time and thoughts on something else, you won’t even have time to think about not having a boyfriend.

If painting or playing the piano isn’t for you, you can always start watching a new TV series. I recently started to watch Skins on Netflix and I find that people are so entertained by watching other’s lives that they don’t even worry about their own! If you do not have Netflix there are a couple of shows that recently started up like Dance Moms, The Real World, and Teen Wolf.

Weather it is a new hobby, a TV series, or hanging out with a new friend, getting your mind off men will do you good.