Finals are Finally Here…Now What?

It is that time of the year again! As the temperature starts to drop the struggle to get grades up begins to rise. Everyone at OHS is dreading this week: finals.

If you are a returning Oakville student you know how the week goes; stress, stress, stress and cram, cram, cram. The one key to acing finals? Studying. But have no fear, I am here with some simple studying tips that won’t put you to sleep.

Start off by studying your weakest subject. If you have a board line grade in any class that should be your priority. Learn your general concepts first, then focus on the minor details and  make sure you understand the information and not just memorizing answers. According to stress and anxiety are direct causes of memory loss, so memorization of the study guide will be unaffective to getting a good grade.

Give yourself a break! Taking short and frequent study breaks will relieve your stress and help with long term studying. Try your best not to cram the night before your final, learning things bit by bit will put all that information in your long term memory so it will not be as easy to forget.

Lastly, to achieve finals success, create a studying heaven. Put on some relaxing music and make sure you are in a place where interruptions are limited. If you want to study in a group make sure the people you are studying with are as serious as you are, so that the group can actually be productive.

I hope that some of these tips will help you ace those finals! Good luck OHS students!