Get out, get involved

Ever since students have gotten privileges, joining clubs and being involved has been more common amongst our student body. For some of us, getting involved is more difficult than for others and finding an activity that you actually enjoy can be a struggle.

Before you start your search for any club, you need to know what kind of things you like and dislike. Take note of what classes you enjoy, because chances are there is a club for that. Ask your teachers and peers what the options are and start attending meetings as early in the school as you can.

Along with this, do not be afraid to try new things! Do not say no to a club because you think it will be “stupid” or “boring”. As cliche as it may sound, “Don’t knock it till you try it”! Grab a friend or ten and go attend a meeting or talk to the sponsor.

Most clubs are excited to have new members and are more than happy to get you involved. There are papers with the list of clubs we offer in the athletic office for anyone to use.

Oakville has dozens organizations that fit all kinds of student interests. If you are more of an athlete OHS has a variety of fall, winter and spring sports for both males and females. If you love sports but do not exactly have the athletic skill it takes to perform, then there is also the option of being a manager of a sports team. Managers do things like attend every game and practice. Although they may not play they are still a part of the team.

If you are the type of person that wants to cover club or sporting events, we have a journalism program that includes newspaper, broadcast and yearbook.

Another option you can explore is making your own club! If you have good club idea all you have to do if go to the guidance and follow the steps to get your club in progress.

Joining clubs is a great way to meet new people and make the most of your high school experience.

No matter what you are into OHS provides a wide variety of things to do. So what are you waiting for? Start getting involved!