Finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift

It is that time of the year again! Black Friday is right around the corner and the time is dwindling down to get Christmas presents for your loved ones.For many of us students, we are all finally getting employed and have money to buy gifts for others. Although the idea of Christmas shopping and wrapping up gifts for the first time sounds heartfelt, you are about to experience the stress of picking out the perfect present.

There are five steps to make sure your gift will be the best of the best.

Step one: Know who you are buying for. Make a list of all the special people that deserve your appreciation and love. Become aware of their likes and dislikes so you have a good idea of what to get them.

Step two: Set up a budget. Make sure you put a cap on how much to spend on each individual. You do not want to favor one over another so equal gift  giving will be essential. Giving yourself a budget will also help you maintain your bank account.

Step three: It is time to hit the mall! Actually, it is time to hit the clearance racks! Along with a budget, try to get the most out of your money.When you first enter a store, keep your eyes peeled for the lowest prices.

Step four: Check out! Double check over everything you purchase and make sure that it fits the persons personality. Do not forget to keep the receipts, it is impossible to please everyone.

Step five:  It is time to wrap it up! Pick out decorative Christmas wrapping paper to complete your perfect gift. Make sure you know how to wrap and have all the essential tools to do so.

If you follows these five steps then giving the perfect Christmas gifts should be a breeze! Good luck with your gift hunt and happy holidays!