Tips to take on finals

Although winter break is right around the corner, we OHS students still have one major barrier to get over until we are free for first semester: finals.

Finals often bring a lot of extra stress for students. On top of taking tests in every single class, these tests count for a higher percent of our grade and are the last thing to go into the gradebook for the semester.

Finals may seem extremely difficult, but they are not impossible! Here are some helpful tips to help you all get through finals week.

Start studying early: Do not procrastinate and cram in all your studying at once. If you get a review guide, begin filling it out as soon as possible.

Pace yourself: As previously discussed, do not cram all of your studying in the night before a test. Study a little bit of a subject each day to make sure you master the concepts for the test.

Prioritize: As it comes closer to the day of your finals, make sure you study the most for the tests you are taking sooner. For example, on the Tuesday before finals, do not focus all of your time studying for the finals you take on Friday. Instead, spend more time on the tests you are taking on Wednesday. After the first day of finals, you have more time to study for the other finals of the week.

Take Breaks:
If you study nonstop for hours and hours each night, you will only become more and more stressed and your brain could be so overloaded it may be hard to keep studying. Take a break after every subject, or after every hour of studying, to stretch, grab a snack, or answer all your snapchats, and then continue studying.

Stay away from distractions:
Study in a place where you are comfortable and know you are focused. Try to stay away from other electronics, like TV and phones, that may grab your attention while you should be reviewing. If it is hard to concentrate at home, then the St. Louis County library offers study rooms that are both soundproof and have enough space for a whole study group to work together.

Make studying fun: Reviewing does not have to be boring; in fact, you may not dread studying if you know it will not be horrible. Make or find study games or form a study group with your friends.

Use ANP: Unlike previous years, Thursday and Friday of finals contain an ANP block. Use this time wisely and review for your tests and go visit teachers if you confused on a concept.

Get plenty of sleep: Although it can be hard to get enough sleep each night with busy schedules, make sure you get as much rest as possible. It will make you feel more prepared to take on the tests and less-likely to doze off.

Eat a good breakfast:
Every morning of finals, make sure you eat something to wake yourself up and have energy to stay focused.

Be Confident!: Before starting a test, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you can do this. Motivate yourself to make sure you do the best that you possibly can. All your hard work will pay off!

Good luck on all your finals OHS!