Eye on the Prize

This is the time of year where students begin to stop caring, give up, lose focus, and much more. Students are not mentally here anymore, just physically. But, in reality, this is the most important time of the year!
Students need to remember that there is only one week left and giving it their all is very crucial right now. We need to stay focused, study for exams, and not give up! Messing up one’s GPA after all this time working for it is not worth it at the end of the year.
Everyone has a lot on their plates right now, and the nice weather isn’t helping. People have jobs, family, friends, relationships, and much more, but we can not forget to study these last couple of weeks!
If others are having trouble studying for their tests coming up, then here’s a couple of tips.
Do NOT try to do all the studying the night before the test, break it up evenly, your brain will retain more.
Space it all out! Studying a little bit every night will be a lot less stressful and more successful.
Find a comfortable and quiet place to study (leave your phone somewhere else). Distractions are not good while studying.
Study the general concepts first, then move onto all the details.
TAKE BREAKS! Do not take the every 10 minutes, but taking a short break frequently will help your memory retain more of the information.
Make sure you are UNDERSTANDING and not just MEMORIZING! There is a difference and the test probably won’t just recite the definition to you! Be able to apply the concepts you are studying by relating them to examples you understand.
Studying in a group is great, but make sure you stay focused and are studying with others who are in the same class as you.
Test yourself or have someone test you periodically to make sure you are retaining everything.
If you are becoming bored and tired of studying, turn on some classical or jazz music on low volume.
Don’t study very late at night, if you are up later than you normally are and you are studying, you will most likely be tempted to fall asleep.
Last but not least, SLEEP! A tired mind is a weak mind, and once you become very tired you will stop retaining as much of the materials.
Okay Oakville, there’s 10 simple but helpful tips for studying. Everyone’s got a lot of finals coming up, but there’s just a few more days. Make it count and don’t give up, We’ve come so far!