Enough with the confessions! Think before you tweet

Is anyone else extremely fed up with all the twitter accounts just completely bashing on their peers, because I know I am.

This all started with the twitter account called “Collegefession,”  which became very popular very quickly. Then a local account named “High Schoolfession” popped up and this is where everything began to spiral out of control.

The High Schoolfession account originally focused on Missouri schools, which led to speculation that it was run by someone in the area. Oakville appeared on this account a few times. After it expanded to include other states, another account appeared, STL Schoolfessions. OHS also made an appearance on the account.

The number of similar accounts continued to grow and in no time, twitter accounts such as “HighSchool Passouts”, ”HShookupsSTL”, and “OHSgossip” were created. All of these included rumors and gossip about Oakville students.

The real question is is why? Why would one ever want to be behind such a terrible thing? What is the point behind starting pointless drama and casting schools in a poor light.

The people who started these accounts are certainly to blame, but they’re not the only ones. Those who are sending in tips, gossip, photos, or confessions are just as much at fault. And even worse, they are advertising their reckless, not to mention illegal, behavior for colleges and future employers to see.

This is not the first time something like this has came up in OHS. Last year, during the 2012-2013 school year, there was also a twitter account bashing students and staff. These actions definitely had serious consequences though.

What most people don’t know, is just because someone decides to hide behind a twitter account without their name showing, the IP address can still be tracked. Therefore, revealing the masters behind it all.

So, my advice to anyone involved in these activities, would be to stop, and think before you post. You may think that nobody will ever be able to figure out who is it, but they can and they most likely will. Even after it’s deleted, it can still be found.