A White Castle Valentine’s Day

    Tired of the same old, monotonous and cliche Valentine’s Day date? Are you looking for somewhere new and fun to take that special someone? Ever considered White Castle? Maybe you should!

    Not everyone knows that for the past 20 years, one of America’s favorite fast food restaurants actually is a very hot spot for Valentine’s Day!

    The menu is printed differently with Valentines decorations so the customers can take the menu as a souvenir of their unique night out. Although the same traditional White Castle choices that everyone loves are still available, there are some added specials that you would not normally be able to purchase there.

    The workers also dress a little different for this as well. They do not wear their traditional White Castle uniform, but something a little more fancy for the occasion.

    Every year the participating White Castle restaurants book up completely, and spots are going quickly once again this year so reservations must be made! To make a reservation, call 314-535-7430, these workers will be able to make a reservation for any of the participating White Castle’s near you.

    Hurry up and call now, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!