Tiger Tot Mom’s Get a Break

Parenting 2 classes are given unique opportunities every day to work with young children.

Tiger tots is a preschool program where parents pay small amount of money to send their kids either every day of the week or two to three days a week and be watched by high school students in parenting 2. This class gives students a chance to work with young children, and explore the occupation of teaching. One can also receive college credit through Meramec as a child development course. Ohs students Taylor Paluczak (12) expresses her feelings for the class.

“I used this class to help me realize if elementary education was the right major for me!” said Paluczak.

On May 1st and 2nd, OHS seniors and juniors were given the chance to give back to their community through community service. But on these days, not only were students giving back to their community, but also the parenting 2 classes were given the chance to do the same thing.

Mom’s day out was held from 9 am to 1 pm on these two days. This gave mom’s who have children enrolled in the Tiger Tot program a chance to have a day to themselves.

“We did this a service to the Tiger Tot moms so they could have a day to themselves,” said parenting two instructor, Mrs. O’Toole.

According to Mrs. O’Toole, this gave not only mothers, but also grandmothers and other nannies the chance to have a relaxing day. They even offered to watch a 2 ½ year old, younger than what they usually take, giving this child’s mom a lucky break.

The kids may have enjoyed this even more than the moms did, they were given multiple fun activities as opposed to learning a lesson.

“We used shaving cream, pain, parachutes, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and much more [to entertain the kids],” said O’Toole.

This program looks forward to giving mom’s this opportunity again for years to come.