Lights lit up St. Louis

Lights lit up St. Louis

Bright Lights: Lights poses for a picture with Andrew Schaefer outside her concert.

On Oct. 29, the town of St. Louis was visited by Lights. The Canadian pop artist played at Cicero’s in the city. The venue was very small and was usually the host to bands that were just starting out. The concert was sold out and the room was filled to the absolute max, with people standing shoulder to shoulder. The room felt like it was on fire.

Despite the overcrowded and boiling hot room, the concert turned out to be a night to remember. The opener band for Lights was a Finnish rock band called Rubik. They offered a unique sound of nice melodies consisting of guitar, keyboards, drums, and high pitched vocals. They did a great job.

After Rubik left the stage Lights showed up to play shortly after. She opened up with the song Banner, which is on her new album Siberia. The concert turned out to be very personal. A random fan could say something to Lights in-between songs and she would actually reply to him or her.

Lights played through her set list with mastery. She has improved on her vocals over the years and sings her songs better live than on the album. She has also improved on her keyboarding. At any-time in a song, Lights would be playing two different keyboards on both sides of her all while singing at the same time. Her skills have greatly improved since last year when she was here with Owl City.