Sherlock Holmes sneaks into theaters

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return as Holmes and Watson to oppose another daring enemy who will stop at nothing to thrust the world into war in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Grossing almost $40 million on opening weekend Dec. 16, this film was an overall success.

Sherlock Holmes interrupts the wedding of Dr. Watson and his fiancee Mary to drag the doctor on another action packed adventure to oppose Dr. Moriarti, a cunning enemy who targets those dear to Holmes in order to fulfill his plan of world monopolization. Holmes endures gun-men, explosions, loss, and a new gypsy companion (Noomi Rapace) while adding a spin of humor to the plot.

The acting in this film was once again impressive. Jude Law portrays the perfect amount of emotion for his role and Robert Downey Jr. impressively characterizes the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes through wittiness and humor. Personally, it seemed the plot was not as structured as the first movie (Holmes seemed to be avoiding the villain rather than saving the day) and the shooting action scenes were dramatic (Holmes and Watson managed to dodge most all bullets while dashing through a forest). However, these aspects fit into the movie as a whole to keep the overarching plot in motion.

Despite Holmes and Watson’s cunning companionship and brilliant demonstration of a dynamic duo, there are still many close-calls throughout this PG-13 film, and the last minutes leave viewers cheering, laughing, and questioning Holmes. Does the mad detective successfully halt Dr. Moriarti’s conquests? And at what cost? Go see Sherlock Holmes at any theater to enjoy the next installment of this witty, humorous, and fast-paced story.