Fall play to show “Mousetrap” in November

Fall play to show Mousetrap in November

Alyssa Needham (10) helps prepare for the fall play “Mousetrap”.

Murder, plot twists, and outrageous characters are what the audience will see at the annual fall play this week (Nov. 8-9) at 7 pm in the Drama Center.

“Mousetrap” is about two young newlyweds that open up an inn for the first time. As guests arrive, all the characters get snowed in together. Suddenly, a mystery murder appears in the Inn, and all the characters suspect one another. Tensions rises within the characters as they are all scared for their life.

“It’s a good old-fashioned murder mystery,” said Mikayla Ham (11), the student director of the play.

Backstage, Drama Troupe is putting the stage together at a quick pace. Already having  an “upstairs,” four entrances, and walls being decorated, the set is moving quickly. The “upstairs” will contain stairs and a platform in which the Drama Troupe laid out two chairs. With the limited space they have, the drama production team is making the most out of what they have.

Rachel Murvihill (10), a Drama Troupe member, explained that she likes the stage being built from nothing into a different place. “It’s cool watching (the stage) all go up from the inside out,” Murvihill said.

Ms. Amy Learn, the play director and acting teacher, said that the audience can expect to be surprised and intrigued. The audience will be able to see professional performing, chemistry between the cast, and the fantastic actors and actresses the play will produce.

“I always try to get plays for the actors that want to pursue (a job) in acting,” said Learn.

The fall play will also be held next week (Nov. 15-16) in the drama center.