Snapchat hits Oakville

Snapchat hits Oakville

Jamie Langella

There is a new way to take ridiculous ‘selfies,’ and it is called ‘snapping’. Snapping is taking a picture of yourself by using the application SnapChat. You then send the picture to your friend after choosing how long you would like your friend to be able to view this photo. When they receive the photo they hold down on it to view for how many seconds the picture is in the running for.

There is no way that your friends can save these embarrassing pictures of you, and if they do make the mistake in trying to screenshot it, the picture shuts out. Then an automatic message pops up to the owner saying that the friend took a screen shot of your photo.

“The fact that your friends can’t save your photos really helps me because I can send embarrassing photos to anyone I want and there’s no way they’ll see it ever again,” Jamie Vergano (12) said.

This is a new way to communicate with friends and keep in touch in a fun way. SnapChat is becoming a very common thing really fast since it is now available on Android and iPhone. You can also search Facebook to find friends that have SnapChat to boost up your friends list. SnapChat is a free download in the App Store, but is becoming popular so quickly that it might not be for long, so get it while you can and start snapping!