Dinner Theater continues to be an annual success

Dinner Theater continues to be an annual success

The cast for “The Changing of the Guard” acts out the play on Dec. 12.

Tonight (Dec. 14) is the last night that the OHS Madrigal Choir will be putting on their annual dinner theater, “The changing of the Guard.”

Every year the Mads dinner theater is a huge success.  There are multiple unexplained twist in the play, and it will keep the viewers laughing until the end.  This year’s play is about a sheriff, played by Kurtis Leible (10), who captures Wanda, played by Hannah Martin (11).  Wanda is under arrest for not paying her syntax.

“I get kidnapped by the sheriff for not paying my syntax,”  Martin said. “Then for the rest of the play, it is everyone else’s job to find me.”

The first night of the play was a huge success.

“It went really well,” Leible said.  ‘We hope that Friday will be better with the whole drama center full.”

The dinner theater will continue tonight in the OHS Drama Center.  Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the play begins at 7 p.m.