The great review

The great review


Leonardo Dicaprio and Toby Maguire star in their new movie “The Great Gatsby”.

On May 10, viewers lined up to take the first look at the premiere of “The Great Gatsby”.  As one of those viewers, I was highly impressed.

During my junior year, I was forced to read the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it was a grueling one at that.  But when I heard of the movie coming out, I took the initiative to read it again, and I was impressed.  My hopes for a good movie escaladed.

There were three things I thoroughly enjoyed about this movie. The first being the settings and landscape views.  One that stuck out to me was the “Valley of Ashes”.  It portrayed the point that Fitzgerald made in his book.  The actors really looked like miserable outcasts.

The next thing that made me fall in love with this movie was the music.  The album features artist such as Beyonce and Andre 3000.  throughout the movie, the music that is playing is a mix between todays hits and classical 1920’s music.  They are blended together on the soundboard, and played when needed.  The music plays during Gatsby’s parties and when he takes his bright yellow Rolls Royce out for a drive.

The last thing would have to be the acting.  Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, was portrayed spot on compared to how Gatsby acted in the book.  With his smile and movement DiCaprio took on the role perfectly.

Also Nick Carraway, played by Tobey Maguire, took the role perfectly in the movie.  The contrast with Gatsby was perfect.

Overall I give this movie 5 stars, and if anyone has time go and spend the money to see it, they will not be disappointed.