The odds are ever in their favor


If you’re looking for an exciting, edge of your seat, action packed movie then you should definitely go see “Catching Fire”, the second movie in the four movie series (the last book will be split into two films) of “The Hunger Games”.

“Catching Fire” is the second book in The Hunger Games  trilogy. It starts off with Katniss hunting in the woods, and then leads into the victory tour across Panem with her “lover”, Peeta. They try and make this tour as simple and peaceful as possible, but that doesn’t quite go as planned. Riots begin to breakout in some of the districts along the way. Once the tour is over it’s time for the reaping of the 75th hunger games.The games this year are unlike any other. The Capitol throws in a major twist and instead of choosing children who haven’t been in the games yet, they choose to put past victors back into the arena to fight until death once again.

This film is full of amazing special effects and graphics. Compared to the first movie, this one is much more intimate, and you really feel connected to the characters. You feel as if you are in the games with them. I believe this is because of the new film director they hired, Francis Lawrence, who was also the director of “I am Legend”. I was skeptical of how they were going to pull off all the events that happened in the book, but they exceeded my expectations by a landslide.

By far this is the best portrayal of a book turned into a movie I have ever seen. The script follows the book almost exactly. Sometimes movies don’t do it justice to how the book is, but not this one. I think the movie is questionably better than the book, but not because of the plot, considering the plots are identical, but because with the movie you’re able to see everything played out right before your eyes.

The ending leaves you in shock and wanting more. It’s definitely a cliff hanger. I cannot wait for the first part of “Mockingjay” to come out. They are projecting that it will be released in November of 2014. I give this movie five stars!!! Until that time, may the odds be ever in your favor!