The top five 2014 Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is known for football, food, the halftime show and of course, commercials! Companies tend to go all out on their Super Bowl commercials. With all the hilarious, cute and intense commercials, it is usually hard to pick a favorite. However, this year the game itself wasn’t the only letdown. There were only a few good commercials, and the rest were quite boring. Here are the top five in my opinion:

5.) Radio Shack poked fun of their image in their commercial “Phone call.” An employee standing in the dated store puts down the phone and says “The ‘80s called. They want their store back.” Suddenly a group of famous figures from the ‘80s appeared and began ransacking the store. Then the new and improved Radio Shack is revealed.

4.) Toyota moved away from the typical car commercial by featuring The Muppets and Terry Crew. The result was funny and entertaining.

3.) The Audi’s Doberhuahua commercial showed why people fear compromise. A couple was picking a dog and imagined a combination of the two dogs they were looking at. The result was a very odd looking mutt with the body of a Chihuahua and the head of a Doberman. It was hard not to laugh as the Doberhahahuas terrorized animal activist, Sarah McLachlan.

2.) Doritos had a good commercial, where a young boy named Jimmy built a time machine out of cardboard boxes. A man comes around with a bag of Doritos, and Jimmy asks him to put the Doritos in a slot for the time machine to work. He does, and Jimmy takes the Doritos and eats them with his dog. An elderly man comes out and tells Jimmy to get off of his property. The man in the time machine, assuming the time machine worked, sees the elderly man, puts his cheeks into his hands, and says, “Jimmy, you’re so old!” This commercial was one of the best ones, as it was both cute and funny.

1.) Everyone was awwing over Budweiser’s “puppy love” commercial. It featured an adorable puppy and the company’s trademark clydesdales  It showed a dog from an animal shelter who runs to a nearby barn. He sees a clydesdale and they rub noses. The man who owns the barn takes the puppy back to the shelter. On a different, rainy day, the dog comes back to see the clydesdale, and once again, the man takes him back. The last time the dog runs away, the man puts it in his car, and the clydesdale runs after him, joined by other clydesdales. In the end, the clydesdale and the dog get to be together, and as the puppy trots down the dirt path, the clydesdales trot after him. This commercial was by far the cutest commercial of the night.

The rest of them were decent, with a few that were just downright bad. Hopefully next year the commercials will be better, and the companies will try harder with their most-watched ads of the year.