OHS places fifth at WorldQuest competition

A team of four OHS students competed at the High School WorldQuest International Knowledge Competition on Nov. 18.

The team comprised of Justin Bayer (12), Kirt Daniels (11), Lacey Dreppard (12) and Mark Richter (12) competed with 33 other area schools and finished in the top ten. They battled in an atmosphere similar to that of a trivia night; each team was given multiple choice questions about history, geography, culture, politics and current events to answer. The team waited until the night of the competition to prepare, only spending an hour that afternoon to work on their skills for the event.

“We didn’t really expect to do that well,” Richter said.

Upon arriving to UMSL, the team was a bit intimidated by some teams, but still had confidence.

“Some teams were really serious,” Dreppard said.

Once the competition began, the team was on a roll. Despite not preparing for very long, the team was doing well.

“We held our own,” Dreppard said. “Mostly Mark and Justin were answering questions. I really like that it is a team activity.”

After all was said and done, the team finished fifth overall with a score of 42 points. Although the team did not win the grand prize of a trip to Washington D.C., the team still believed the event was successful.

“It was a lot of fun,” Richter said. “Between questions, we just joked and goofed around.”