Parenting II classes take a field trip

On Jan. 25 and 26, Parenting II students went on a field trip to three different preschools.

The students went to The Goddard School, John Carey and St. Lucas. At each preschool, the students were divided into groups and rotated between classrooms. They were given the chance to observe the schools and interact with the children. The children aged from two to five years depending upon the school.

“It was fun when we got to play with the kids. At one of the schools I walked into the room and received a hug right away from a little girl,” Lydia Baggett (12) said.

This field trip gave the students the opportunity to work with special needs kids, deal with problem solving skills amongst children and help better prepare them for when they teach the Tiger Tots. After visiting the schools, the classes got to go out to lunch to CiCi’s pizza.

“I enjoyed ending the field trip with lunch. We all got to exchange stories about our experiences with the kids. I feel this trip help better prepare me for when we get to teach the Tiger Tots in the spring,” Kailyn Slama (12) said.

Cooper’s A day classes went on the field trip on Jan. 25 and Mrs. O’Toole’s B day classes went on Jan. 26.