OHS Photography students are awarded

Two students from OHS has been awarded great honor for their creative photography skills.

Lucy Right (10), a Honors Photo two student, was awarded an honorable mention in the photography competition. Right and Lauren Kuechenmeister (11), a Photo one student, then were asked by the Missouri Secretary of State, Russ Carnahan, for their photos to be hung up in his office.

“They are both so creative, smart, and very meticulous,” Larson said, “Also [they are] so willing to learn and try new things to improve they’re work.”

Mrs. Larson always encourages her students to work hard and to try new things within and outside of the class. She also pushes students to enter in as many contests as they can. When the opportunity for a competition supported by the U.S. congress came, Larson strongly urged her students to enroll. The Congressional Art Competition is sometimes viewed by Carnahan. This is how the opportunity was given for Right and Kuechenmeister. But the excitement for Kuechenmeister did not stop there.

“I had a gut feeling,” Larson said, “Especially when they could get the chance to have theirs viewed my Carnahan.”

Kuechenmeister was then asked to have her photo also hung in the U.S. capitol in the legislative hallway, where many politicians will pass everyday. Kuechenmeister gets the chance to see her work with a free round trip for two to D.C. at the open ceremony on June 22.

“It was really exciting because I didn’t know what all was included in the competition,” Kuechenmeister said. “It was a big surprise, I thought it would just be interesting, I guess I didn’t know much about it.”