Student council honors retiring teachers

This past week, OHS Student Council honored this year’s retiring teachers by awarding them each with a day dedicated in their honor.

The idea began when StuCo sponsors, Mrs. Jenn Fruhwirth and Ms. Laura Zwilling, heard that retiring head principal Mr. Bill Scheffler would be having an entire week dedicated in his honor.

“When we heard that Mr. Scheffler was getting an entire week and we heard that there were teachers who had been here [at OHS] three to four times longer, we decided they also deserved recognition,” StuCo Sergeant at Arms Emily Maag (11) said.

OHS teachers Mrs. Jan Harsh, Mr. Mark Huckabee, Dr. Steven King, and Mr. Larry Hester will be retiring at the end of this 2010-2011 school year.  In honor of this, StuCo put posters on their doors for teachers and students to sign, as well as named a day out of the week for them.

StuCo hopes that this will show these retiring teachers that all they have done here at OHS is appreciated and allow students to reach out to these teachers for one last time.

“I think that the teachers feel appreciated.  It’s a humbling experience and allows students to gain some closure.  There’s definitely a possibility StuCo will continue to honor retiring teachers this way in the future,” Maag said.