New ceramics teacher joins the OHS family

New ceramics teacher joins the OHS family

Helping Hand: Ms. Kling helps ceramics student Sydney Bruns (10) work on a project during first block.

There’s something new going on in the art department and her name is Ms. Amy Kling.

Kling is the new ceramics teacher at OHS. She is taking over for Mr. Mark Huckabee who retired last year. She is a University of Central Missouri graduate and got her masters degree at Fontbonne.

“Teaching was kind of ingrained in me,” Ms. Kling said. “My dad was a teacher to my brother and I before he chose a career as a teacher.”

Ms. Kling did lots of community service as a kid and she said that art was a big part in her life. She wanted to teach here because the position in ceramics that she wanted was open. Also her father, Mr. Richard Kling, teaches here.

“We drive together to school in the mornings,” Ms. Kling said. “I get to sleep on the car ride here.”

Some students were concerned about the change from the popular Mr. Huckabee to Ms. Kling. There will be some changes such as the projects done in ceramics. If you had
Huckabee in the past you know that he loved playing whale noises in class and making many “Lewis and Clark” jokes.

“I have no ‘Lewis and Clark’ comebacks,” Ms. Kling said. “But I do have a very broad sense of humor.”