Privilege Package Criteria created for next school year

Incoming seniors for the 2012-2013 school year will have to meet new standards to earn senior privileges next year. Not only are grade point average (GPA) qualifications still in place, but a point system has been designed to encourage school involvement with privileges as the reward.

“The point system allows for a ‘sliding’ scale to provide more opportunity for more students,” Activities Director Ms. Becky Czuppon said. “They [the standards] are more rigorous than last year as they are privileges for high achievement, not only academic achievement but through activities/athletics.”

Both seniors and juniors have the opportunity to receive Academic Networking Period (ANP) privileges next year and will be evaluated with the new system. The senior package criteria consists of six categories, two of which are mandatory to earn the reward and four in which students can earn points. Students must earn a total of four points to have open ANP.

Seniors cannot earn any F’s as a junior or any D’s the previous semester and also cannot have an ISS or OSS as a junior. To earn points, students can have a 3.00-3.5 GPA (one point) or a 3.51 and above GPA (two points.) An ACT score of 20-22 will earn a student one point, and a 23 and above will earn a student two points. Students must also be involved in one to two athletic activities or clubs to earn one point, and being involved in three or more sports or clubs will earn a student two points. Students must earn at least one point from each of the categories in order to be considered.

Incoming juniors for the 2012-2013 school year have the same criteria as seniors, except the ACT score category is not included. Juniors have to earn three points instead of four; they cannot have any F’s as a sophomore, D’s the previous semester, or an in school suspension (ISS) or out of school suspension (OSS) as a sophomore.

Juniors and seniors can also earn bonus points that go towards their total for being a team captain, club officer, or member of the leadership class, tiger mentors, or student council.

The details about the privileges to be awarded next year to both seniors and juniors are still being considered by Central Office and administration.

“At this point, we are hopeful that the same privileges for Seniors will be reinstated,” Czuppon said. “Next year’s Juniors will receive privileges, but they will be less than the Seniors.  We are getting them ironed out by the end of March to publicize.”