OHS Students succeed in the National Spanish Exam


Twenty five OHS Students recently took the National Spanish Exam on April 3 in the OHS Library. This exam ranked them out of six schools including Nerinx, Principia, MICDS, John Burroughts, Westminster Christian Academy, and Villa Dushesne. OHS was the only public school in the area to take the test.
“Half of it was multiple choice and some were fill in the blank on the computers,” participant in the National Spanish Exam test, Cody Swanson (12) said. “The other half was a listening section that talked about anything in the Spanish IV vocab.”

Out of the twenty five OHS students who took the exam, fourteen were recognized with awards. Melina Delkic (11), who competed in the Spanish IV level, received gold, the highest you can get. Edna Besic (10), who competed in the Spanish III level, received silver. Stephen Ream (12), who competed in the Spanish IV level, received bronze. Ten Honorable Mention Awards went to Spanish IV competitors Christina Sherman (12) and Cody Swanson (12), Spanish II competitors Naila Vohra (11) and Jennifer Brendel (11), Spanish II competitors Mark Hampton (10) and Caitlin Knipp (10), Spanish I competitors Catherine Akley (I), Alaina Altenbernd (I), Leah Meissner (I), and Andrew Zarkie (I).
Delkic received a 99 out of 100 on the test. This placed her top in the St. Louis area in Spanish. Delkic received 12 trips to Mexico for her placement on last years National Spanish Exam test, and she will be taking them this summer.

“I’m really excited to go to Mexico, I can’t wait. I didn’t think I’d do that well on the test. It’s going to be fun. I get to see really cool cities and interesting sights,” Delkic said.