Spanish IV plays life-sized monopoly game


Connor Sandvoss (12) rolls the dice during Spanish IV monopoly game on Dec. 12.

On Dec. 12, two OHS Spanish IV brought the game of monopoly to OHS commons.

The class as a whole read the story, Sangre en el Umbral.  After they finished, Sra. Robinson, OHS spanish teacher, gave them the assignment to tell the story in their own way.  Bailey Reed (12) and Adrianna Wegmann (11) had the idea to use the game of Monopoly to present the story.

“We were originally going to use an actual game board for our presentation,” Reed said.  “But one of our classmate ( Morris LaGrand) gave us the idea to make a life size game board and have our classmates participate.”

The way the two students set up their game was simple.  The player rolls the dice and when they land on a character or setting which acts as a property.  To gain the property, the player must answer a question that relates to the setting or character.  Once all the spaces are owned the game is over.

Like Monopoly, the game consist of a “Go to Jail”, “Chance”, and “Free Parking.”

“This was a really fun idea we had,” Wegmann said. “I am glad we got the chance to do the presentation like this.”