Tiger Tot program continues despite changes

It is that time of year again, enrollment for Tiger Tots. The program has been a part of our school for many years, but this year things have changed a little bit. With our new security changes, some aspects of the Tiger Tots program are being affected.

The Tiger Tot kids and parents used to come in the side door by the FACS hallway for easy access, but that door is now locked at all times. According to Mrs. Pam Cooper, the parents will be given a pass and will use a code to get into the side door. All parents will be required to give certain information about their children including who is going to be picking them up at the end of the day.

“The students and children won’t be going outside as much because they don’t have as much freedom,” Cooper said.

No matter the changes, there has been a better turnout for registration than expected. Another interesting fact about this years program is that there is going to be two sets of triplets and a set of twins.

Parents can register now, but spaces are limited. The program runs from April 2 to May 10.