Gerdes Brings Students to Luncheon

On Oct. 16, 24 of OHS’s finest student economists will be attending a formal presentation and luncheon sponsored by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank and the Civic Entrepreneurs Organization.

Mr. Gerdes will be taking his 4th block AP Macroeconomics to this special luncheon. The luncheon and presentations will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton. The students will get to eat a $100 meal, sit in on speeches by successful forecasting economists, and have a Q&A with the forecasters.

OHS students, along with 75 other students from schools in the St. Louis area, were invited to this rare event through the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Mr. Gerdes got the invitation and knew it would be a great experience for his AP Macroeconomics students.

“I think that this activity will give students a higher success rate on the AP exam,” says Gerdes.

Since the AP exam consists of long response essays, Gerdes thinks that this real-life experience and meeting with top-notch economists will help the students. Also, Gerdes thinks that students will obtain some life skills while attending the presentations and getting the opportunity to meet the economists.

AP Macroeconomic student, Noah Antle (12), agrees that this opportunity will help himself and the other students. “It will be unique to see first hand practical use of what we’re learning,” says Antle.

The luncheon is an opportunity for students to meet successful economists and further their knowledge.