When Life Gives You Lemons

An ice cold lemonade awaited all who was passed by the marketing class. They were selling lemonade to see who would have the best marketing skills.

Mrs.Amy Clark’s marketing class had a competition to see who will market and try to sell as much lemonade as possible to produce the biggest profit. The students were divided up into teams and had to come up with a company name.

“They had to differentiate themselves among the other companies,” Clark said.

The marketing class used the four p’s to succeed in this challenge: price, placement, promotion, and profit.

The theme of the competition was “The Apprentice.” Teams had to choose project manager and advertise around the school. The team with the greatest profit from selling lemonade win the competition. The other teams would be brought to the boardroom to plead their case to not be fired by teachers, Mrs. Kori Vagner and Mrs. Mary Menderski.

At the end of the challenge, 2nd block marketing class came up with $12.12 and 5th block came up with $16.30. Combining the sales of each block they made a total of $28.42.