Spanish 4 Class Review

In Spanish 4, our class consists of reading stories, we do not really have lessons or tests. The

stories we read are from Mexican and Spanish writers, that way we are able to better understand

Spanish and its different forms. The stories we have read throughout the year have progressively

become harder and longer. However, because we have been doing this so often and throughout

the whole year, reading Spanish has become easier for me. I enjoy the challenge of reading and

understanding the stories and I think I have become pretty good at it (this has not come without

the price of misinterpreting entire chapters, however). Each chapter of the story is given to a

group (of two people) and it is their job to read the story and to completely understand it. They

must do this because they then have to go and teach the story to our class. The method of

teaching that most of us employ is videos. We meet outside of school and make a video that

teaches the class what happened in the chapter. The videos are definitely entertaining. So far, in

my group, there has been tutus, wigs, random dancing, a stick horse, and some pretty nice

costumes (the tutu was definitely worn by a guy). The first video I had to make was terrifying,

but now it is somewhat enjoyable because you never know how it will turn out (how humorous

or awful). Overall, the story reading that we have done has given me more respect for the

Spanish language because I am able to appreciate the language better. I am excited to go onto

college and minor in Spanish, but I will always remember Spanish 4 (the stories, the videos, and

the talks).