Class experiences twelve nights of Shakespeare

An intense study of Twelfth Night concludes with a field trip

Friday, Sep 9, Mrs. DyAnn Menzel, English teacher, took her Shakespeare class on a field trip to see one of his plays performed live.

The class had recently read and watched the movie version of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. When Menzel found out that the Ivory Theatre, a Catholic church converted into a theatre eight years ago, was putting on the play, she knew it would be perfect for the class to see.

The class enjoyed the play and were glad they got to see three different versions of how the same play can presented. Amber Turner (12) thought one version stood above the rest.

“I liked watching the play the most because the actors made the characters and story more realistic.” Turner said.

With a play, and some time off from other classes, it’s safe to say the Shakespeare class had an auspicious time.