Entrepreneurship aims to sock it to competitors

Class creates new business for junior achievement competition

“Just pink it” is the motto of Oakville’s newest business, the Sock Brokers, created by OHS students in the entrepreneurship class.

Ms. Vagner’s entrepreneurship class is creating its own business this year. Their business, The Sock Brokers, decided to sell pink and white Nike socks to OHS students in preparation for breast cancer awareness next month and the pink out games throughout the year.

The students elected classmates to play specific roles in the business, such as the president, vice president, and treasurer. Each student was given six pairs of socks to start selling at the beginning of this week, but many found that it was difficult to sell since they had not been advertising. At the end of each week, the class hold a conference to discuss what problems they faced and how to improve, and it was at one of these conferences that the students all agreed that advertising was necessary. They plan to make posters and get the word out to “Just pink it” next week so they can sell the 32 pairs needed for them to break even.

In addition to discussing their problems at the end of each week, the students also get their paychecks. The students get to keep the profits on the salaries they set based on their position in the company.

Later in the year the students will get to go to a Junior Achievement competition where they will compete with other schools on how well their company does.